Horse Training

At Mac’s Meadows our horse training is one of a kind. We have found the best techniques for training horses and added some of our own. All horse training under saddle is built up from simple dressage moves. We incorporate bending into the warm up to insure a supple horse. Ground rails are a huge part of training for any horse and or rider who wishes to jump. Lots of grid work follows that to teach the horses distances and to train the rider’s eye. Depending on the discipline, and level of the horse and rider, horse training will vary. Essentially, we teach every rider to become a horse trainer. We also have a new feature that sets us apart, click the link below to check it out.

A horse in our training program will be worked a minimum of three times a week by the Mac’s Meadows staff. All horses will be taught ground manners before mounted training will begin. A trust and bond should be established on the ground, and is then transferred to the saddle. If the horse is quite young, it might get some Parelli training to build trust. (This part of the horse training helps desensitize the horse to sights, sounds, and touch.) The horse’s first time to be mounted, becomes rather uneventful after this bond has been established. Karen often performs this part of the training. The horse is now taught the aids. The horse will soon be on the bit and moving in front of the legs (with impulsion) and controlled and directed by the hands.

Mac’s Meadows is located in SouthEast Michigan. See our map to find our location in Livingston County.